Looking Back

Time has a way of making us fools. When we as people begin to feel in control and feel nothing can faze us, time knocks us gently on the back of our heads and forces us to turn around. And turning around is a fascinating thing.

Our lives, no matter how mundane or normal we think they have been, are filled with memories. The tears we cried when we felt our fingers slip from our parents’ hands and we walked to school for the first time. The uncaring laughter we shared with our very first friends. The incredible experience of having a story unfold before our very eyes in the cinemas. The first time we felt that swooping sensation in the pit of our stomach, the daydreaming which told us we had fallen in love. The despair, the loneliness we felt when something didn’t work out. The tears we shed when we said goodbye to our school friends with a promise to keep in touch but never did. Our first day in college, our first job, the day we set out to do something, the day we created something. These memories, these moments etched in time, these indelible moments, they move us, shCapture1ape us and create us.

Four years ago, I created my wordpress account. It was a time when I badly needed a release for a lot of frustration. Writing helped me do that. The years in college changed me and helped me mature as a person. And all through that I wrote. I wont claim to be the most dedicated person because I haven’t been. I took  many a hiatus, sometimes for too long. But something dragged me back. Something that was mine. This place right here. This website, this URL. This is mine, and I created it. This is my fortress, my palace, and to quote JK Rowling, “it will always be there to welcome me home”.

In these four years, I have matured, evolved and shared some experiences which will hopefully help someone like me. I had the good fortune of getting to know some wonderful people, and making some good friends. I was fortunate to have a great support group. And all I want to say is “Thank You”.

Paul Heyman said, “I don’t look back. I never spend my time looking back, I spend my time looking forward.” I agree with Mr. Heyman completely. But I feel, at least sometimes, we need to look back. Not to sit and cry over the days that are behind us, but to learn from our mistakes. And take pride in whatever good we did. We need to look forward constantly, but we need the help of our past to create our future.

Before I take leave, I want to say one more thing. All of us have made mistakes in our past. I have done some things which I am not proud of. But that realization that I made those mistakes and the simple realization that those were in fact mistakes makes us a pretty good human being. We can always redeem ourselves. We cannot change our past, we can change our future.

Our past did indeed shape us, but our past doesn’t have to define us.


The School Tag

So, my good friend Little Miss Mystery has tagged me in for a challenge…actually its not a challenge per se…what it is I do not know… It is called the School Tag, and it is a bit overdue considering the fact that I am 22 and 5 years out of school, but I’ll go anyway. I am just so thankful I am being considered for something like this, Thank You dear!!!


  • Answer all questions
  • Tag other blogs to take part
  1. What was your favourite subject in school?

Chemistry, probably. I was a nerd.

  1. What was your least favourite subject in school?

Maths. I hate maths. Even now I cannot do a proper integration because of how it was taught in school. I straight out hate it.

  1. How many detentions did you get?

Zero. Indian schools do not have detention system.Some teachers give lines, talk to our parents or come up with some other punishments.

  1. Where you a class rebel or a teacher’s pet?

Teacher’s pet. Probably because I was good at everything I did, and was pretty polite and all. I never went out of my way to help the teachers, and made friends out of teachers like some people, but I did okay.

  1. What was your favourite year of school?

Probably 12th. Because it was the last year of school, and I wanted to do (and I did) a big blow-off at the farewell. I ripped off the good-boy mask and performed on stage, which left some teachers with their mouths open. I am sure I impressed some girls as well, but pitted against all my dorkiness, I think it just paled away.

  1. What was your least favourite year of school?

This is tough. Because when you are 5 years out of school you tend to look upon everything fondly. But I’ll go with 4th. Because I had just transferred to a new school, and things were totally different. I hated it. But looking back, I’d say it taught me a lot of life lessons, and made me a better person.

  1. Who was your first friend in school?

I remember in Kindergarten and 1st, I had two friends, a boy and a girl. The girl, I recently met, and we are friends on FB, but the boy, I have no frigging idea.

  1. Your most vivid school memory?

Quite a lot of memories. Probably I’ll go back to my first crush. The rumours swirling around about us ( though nothing ever worked out), I just sort of loved it. I loved going to school during that time.

  1. Who was your favourite teacher in school?

No names dear, this is an anonymous blog. I feel like I have let too much out already.

  1. Who was your least favourite teacher in school?

Again, same thing.

  1. Did you ever skip class?
Nope. Maybe once or twice for family vacations, and with permission. I am a good boy…how I wish I was not!!!
  1. What was the biggest fad you had in school?

WWE. Continues to this day.

  1. Worst teacher joke ever?

Teachers rarely joke in India, trust me. And when they do it is just too horrible to even commit to memory.

So that’s about it. Thank you so much Mystery Girl, for this tag, and I’d like to tag, as always, Inconspicuous Beings.


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