Life and Death

This post comes after a long hiatus. During this time I wandered over to Wattpad and began writing a story there. A little later, I trailed off and the story stays there unfinished. A new year was born, and a lot of things happened. And I saw Talvar.

A superb movie based on the Noida Double Murder case, made even incredible by Irrfan Khan’s acting. This movie really got me thinking, and I began searching online for details on the case (I had followed it back in 2008, and then gradually lost touch). And I found out about Aarushi.

Aarushi Talwar was an exceptionally smart, brilliant, pretty and popular student of DPS Noida. She loved life, and made the lives of others around her brighter. Her friends say she was an all-rounder, and was guided by a strong sense of right and wrong, even at that age. But fate had to cruel. On May 16, 2008, she was found murdered in her bed. I wouldn’t want to go into the gory details of the crime, but I want you to imagine this. She went to bed feeling happy, having received an early birthday gift from her parents, and she never woke up.

As I was browsing around for information on this case, I found a link to another young girls blog, Tejaswee Rao. Her blog posts were brilliantly crafted, displaying a maturity and sensitivity far beyond her years. But fate had to play his cruel game again. Tejaswee Rao passed away on August 11th 2010 from Dengue Fever.

First off, our hearts go out to all their near and dear ones. May God help you find strength to deal with your loss. And we hope both of your souls rest in peace.

Second, I do not seek to make any comparison for the two cases, except for the fact that two extremely brilliant and thoughtful young girls were taken away by fate. As I read these stories, it dawns on me how very unpredictable our lives are. Truly, any of us could be gone by the time tomorrow dawns. And what did we do in the meantime? Maybe we should invest our time more thoughtfully. Because we never know how much time we have left. We could be nearing our end. And before we leave shouldn’t we leave the world with something? We may not be able to make grand claims, and emancipate everyone, but at least we can make the world around us a better place to live. We can make someone else’s life a bit more brighter. We can make someone smile.

Then, when we leave this world, we will be remembered. Maybe not by erecting statues, or a national day of mourning, but someone will remember us. They will look fondly back on our life, and say, “He/she made my life better”. Isn’t that the greatest legacy we can hope to leave behind ?

This also made me aware of one thing. I will never stop writing. If my blog posts make someone smile, if I can make someone feel a bit stronger, if I can help someone just a little bit, I want to do it.

And I hope you will too.


The Real Neat Blog Award!!!

Wow, this is awesome!!! Hold on, let me just get a grip…

Okay…I have been nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award by a good friend Little Miss Mystery. It has been an incredibly long time since someone nominated me for an award. Now that I think of it, the last time I was nominated was about two-and-a-half years ago, when I started blogging. Well I am just incredibly thankful to my nominator, and just glad that I am back to blogging full time.


The rules are:

  • Put the Award Logo on your blog
  • Answer seven questions by the person who nominated you
  • Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blog
  • Nominate any number of blogs for the award, linking to their blog
  • Let them know that you nominated them for the award
1. If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
    Hmmm…a bit hard considering I’ve never thought about it. Okay, a dog. I don’t have an iron clad reason for why I want to be a dog, but I’d love to have a dog to pet. If I can pick a mythical animal, a dragon would be incredibly cool!!!
2. Sweet or savoury?
   I actually had to google what savoury actually meant. I knew it had to do with salty-spicy food, but I wasn’t precisely sure. Savoury, any time. We Indians love spicy food.
3. Who/what is your biggest inspiration in life?
   Triple H, Shawn Michaels, C M Punk. All wrestlers. Considering what they have accomplished despite the odds, and how they manage to deal with incredibly tough schedules and still come out on top…I am just astounded.
4. Why did you begin to blog?
   Well, we have to take a little trip down memory lane for that one. It was just over three years ago. I was in college, and I was frustrated with life. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I had zero coping skills, I was unyielding and really unhappy. Besides, I have a feeling deep inside me that I am really not meant to be ordinary, and that I am meant to be a celebrity. Acting, writing, whatever. And I feel someway, without doing anything, I will be a star overnight. When those aspirations began to crumble down, I felt I needed to do something about it. So I started writing, to become famous. Atleast now some people aound the world know me, by my pseudonym, Bill Gladstone.
   So in conclusion, because I needed to deal with my emotions, and needed a release for things, and to become famous. So far, I’d say I achieved the first two.
5. What is the most life-changing event you’ve encountered?
   Life changing…hmmm…again nothing of interest. Nothing that will make people go “Wow”. But I have to say, we took a trip to Tamil Nadu, way back in 2007-08. Our whole family. I cut a couple of days of school, and this was a first to me. I was a complete nerd back then. I had absolutely no sense of humour back then, was a total teacher’s pet and … absolutely inflexible. But somehow that trip changed me. I actually had fun during that trip. And everyone says I changed after that trip. I became a bit more relaxed, developed a great sense of humour ( I do mimicry and skits for my family on get-togethers), and actually realized that it is okay to have fun.
6. What is your favourite colour and why?
   Red. And I have absolutely no idea. Has been ever since I was a kid.
7. What do you believe in and why?
   I believe in two things. God, and smart work.
   I believe that God has a plan for all of us. He assists us all along the way, along the most important cross roads. And he always gives us what we need (not necessarily what we want). I also believe that everything will work out in the end.
   Note I didn’t say hard work. I said smart work. I do not spend hours and hours toiling over studies, or spend an elaborate amount of time doing projects. I develop an idea of what to accomplish, and then the few hours I actually spend executing the idea, I do it with full force. That’s about it.
Now I’d like to nominate a couple of blogs I have been following…
I don’t know it I can back-nominate…since I want to nominate Little Miss Mystery back!!!
Now my questions:
  1. If you could be anyone in this whole world, who would you choose to be??
  2. Do you have a habit you are just annoyed with, but can’t stop???
  3. Why did you start blogging??
  4. Favourite book??
  5. What is your view on growing up?? What does it mean??
  6. FRIENDS or Big Bang Theory??
  7. Favourite Harry Potter character and why????

My First Ever Award Nomination!!!!!!!


I can’t believe I’ve actually got this. Oh My God!!! This is so cool…never ever had I imagined I’d be writing this post…

Okay, let me calm down a bit…now I am ready…

I have been nominated for the Shine On blogger awards. I know a lot of you have got multiple nominations and multiple awards, but this is my first nomination. And this means a lot to me. A LOT.


First of all, I really want to thank SupposedGenius 175 who blogs at for having nominated me. You have no idea, but you made my day, in fact you may have just made my life…For someone like me who is struggling to find his place in the world, such a nomination does incredible things. From my heart, thank you…

Now, I’ve never been nominated for a blog award before, and as a result I have no idea what to do once I am nominated. From what I have seen, I now hold the privilege to nominate more bloggers for the same, but seriously, I haven’t the faintest idea on how to do that.

I am searching the whole internet for an article oh how, and as soon as I figure that out, I’m gonna do so…

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I’m pretty new here, so this is all. These are the blogs I visit regularly and like very much. I hope this is all the formality there is for nominating others, but if I’ve missed something please let me know…