The Search for Gladstone

Hello everyone, I am back from my usual hiatus, and I have been thinking what to write about. And I thought, this is my blog, but I never quite explained a lot of things about me. Like my name for instance. My username is William “Bill” Gladstone. It sure as hell isn’t my real name. But why this? What is William Gladstone? OR better, who is William Gladstone?

William Gladstone is someone who is way better than me. He is the guy everyone wants to be. In being so, he is diametrically opposite to me.

Bill Gladstone is in perfect shape. He doesn’t have a 6 pack abs or giant pectorals, he is in great shape, just that. I am not, I have a tummy, and I am terribly out of shape. Bill is always in command of a situation. Things always go his way, and even if they don’t he simply takes a deep breath, analyzes the situation, and comes up with a solution. I, on the other hand, panic at every small thing, and suffer from a deep seated anxiety disorder. Bill is good with people. He oozes confidence, and positively reeks of charisma. I am a depressed person, and I am positively a charisma vacuum. Bill is self interested, but he always thinks about giving back to society. He wants to make other people’s lives better. And me? I am the most self-centered egomaniac in this world.

In short, Bill is someone I want to be. Bill is my future. I am building my future, one brick at a time. I am searching for my future, I am searching for Bill.

The fact is, I may never get to be William Gladstone. I may die just me. But that’s fine with me. I just want others to know I tried.


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