A Sweaty Mess

DISCLAIMER : This may probably turn into a rated R or kinky post. If you do not want to read such material or are offended by them, please turn away now.

Living in a tropical country, as far as I am concerned is a blessing. We don’t have extreme temperatures. We don’t have scorching hot summers or freezing cold winters. But that probably seems to be the sort of thing you see in a travel guide, but rarely see in person. Temperatures in South India is reaching over 40 degree celsius, at some places nearing 50. You sweat a lot. You go to sleep at night, and you wake up with a layer of sweat. You take a nap at noon, you inevitably wake up in an hour sweating.

Sweat…what art thou?? Chemically, just water, and some salt…but really, this is something different.

I’ve had an odd relation to sweat. I never really sweat much in my childhood, but after puberty, I sweat like hell. But that is not what I think of when I think of sweat. Sweat really turns me on. I mean really, really turns me on. When I see a hot girl sweating, I am totally lost. I see dance shows sometimes not because I love dance, but because that’s kind of the the only place where I can see girls sweating. I am satisfied with a dampness, a few drops of sweat on the lip or forehead, but at the other end of the spectrum I love it when a girl gets all sweaty, sweat just pours down her face, her neck and her hands. I mean just writing this is turning me on.

But at the other end, sweat is kind of an inspiration as well. When I see these videos or pictures I mentioned, there is an energy in me, it’s as if a fire is burning inside me. I can either release it or channel it. I rarely channel it to achieve something, but I wonder, what if I can? What if I can harness the infinite sexual energy in me, and become something better??

I am so sorry for all this, I don’t even know if I will post this I am mortified at this kink. I was just wondering are there others with similar kinks??


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