Hello…I’m Waiting !!!

Okay, my blog is not the most popular blog in the world. I don’t write about things that matter, I don’t write about issues that shape the world. I blog about things that form in the dark corners of a troubled young man’s mind. Hopefully, that young man is making an active effort to clean up his act. And as he is realizing, it is not an easy task. To abandon a dark secretive habit, which is silently becoming an addiction, to overcome the overpowering feeling of helplessness and negativity, to go through life effortlessly and have the courage to live his dream, it is all just too hard to do. But hard does not mean impossible. he is well on his way. One step at a time.

But hey, I see people stopping by my site, I see a decent number of views per day, but absolutely no comment !! Why is this happening??I realize you have the right to comment or not, its your call, but hey, give this guy a chance!!!

I was planning to do a Q&A for my next post, but it has been delayed a bit more…So please i you feel like you have got something to take away from this blog, do ping me with question…either here or on twitter..@BillGladstone14



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