Why ‘ratedrlife’ ?

Well, now that I am back to blogging again, I thought I’d tell you guys why the URL of my blog is what it is. I don’t know how many of you noticed, but my URL says ratedrlife. But why, honestly? I started bloggin about 3 years ago around this same time (yippeee!! Happy Anniversary!!!), but I never really told you about this, so here goes…

1. First of all, at least some of you may know that I am a HUGE WWE fan. If you are a wrestling fan, the origin of this phrase must have been obvious to you. If it has not dawned on you, its a tribute to the WWE Hall of Famer Edge (Adam Copeland), who went by the moniker ‘The Rated R Superstar’.

2. But seriously, was Edge the only reason I named this blog like this? Nah, no way!! You know, at that time, I was 19. I was staying away from home for the first time, I had just crossed the threshold which separates kids from adults, and I was a bit unstable (I still am, but I was way more unstable back then…), and this blog was part of my rebellion. At the age when most of your brain is controlled by emotions like lust, sex, anger, and what not, this blog was part of my release. Where I come from, sex is taboo. You don’t do it. And when you have a massive flux of hormones and there’s no way you can have a girlfriend or have sex, you feel ready to burst. I needed a rated R life, but couldn’t. So I decided, if the real me can’t have such a life, let my alter ego be Rated R ( now that I said it, it feels kind of lame, doesn’t it)

3. Third and final reason, this was the only place where I could openly talk about such issues. Here you don’t talk about sex openly. Besides, I am a rather shy individual who prefers to stay in the shadows. So it was even more difficult for me. I needed to express my feelings and thoughts, and this felt like the way to do it..

Thanks for reading !!!

PS: For my next post, I was thinking of doing a Q&A. I don’t know how many of you will ask me questions, but really hope you do…SO anything you want to know…please ask me!!!


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