A Back-up Jeans is a MUST…

The jeans is a piece of clothing that Indians, especially Keralaites, love. Even though it originated in the US, we seem to love it even more, especially college students and the youth, considering its many advantages.

1. We do not need to iron it.

2. Most importantly, we need not wash it frequently.

I don’t know how much of this is actually a fact, and originated from the US, but the common conception here is that a jeans means you need not wash it often. Considering this fact, when I came to college just a couple of hours away from home, I decided I would just take one pair of jeans. The one I was wearing. I mean, I could come home that weekend, so why bother taking another? It wasn’t as if I’d need to wash it or anything…

But my mother was insistent. She pressed the issue and made me take an extra pair of jeans. It lay there in my cupboard, wasting away for one whole semester, and I was thinking why did I even bring it.

And then it happened, I was wearing one of my oldest jeans, one i had for like 5 or 6 years, and as I was putting it on, the button broke!!! The effing button broke, and my best attempts at putting it back proved futile. I had a class in ten minutes, and I was desperate. Then it hit me, I had a back up pair…! And that pair saved my day…

So, any one thinking that one pair of jeans is enough…think again. You never know what is going to happen…a crow may crap on them, you may spill juice on them, hell anything…

So always, always, have a back up…


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