Out with 2014, and in with 2015

Just hours left for the new year 2015 to dawn, and I’m sitting here in my hostel room blogging. That doesn’t sound a very exciting life, does it? Well, this is how my life usually is…but for the first time I am not home on a new year, and I’m pretty upset about that.

Well, talking about new years inevitably leads to discussions on new year resolutions, and this year I’m not making any. Because I know I will not follow up, at all !!!

but before I leave, I’d like to sum up some things which happened to me this year:

  • Graduated from college…
  • Started my post graduate studies…
  • Attended my first convocation…

Apart from that, 2014 was a drag. There was nothing exciting, and for nearly 6 months now, I have been deeply depressed. I hate my new college and I just want to get out. So pretty much with all the high profile moments, 2014 would rank pretty low in my ‘favourite year’ list.

So in 2015, I plan on doing something. I do not want to complete my studies just like that and get branded for life. I want to do something big…

  • Blog more often and make this blog super cool
  • Change my negative attitude to life (seriously…)
  • To attain something…

So everyone…HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! HAVE A GREAT 2015 !!!


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