Are We Pulling Us Back ?

We are all extremely talented individuals, we all have immense potential, and we have the thirst to prove to prove ourselves in this world. But somehow, someway, we fall short. Despite all the talent in the world, we are ultimately gutless to do something. Even when we do something, we always find some snag, we always hit a dead end, and we end up abandoning our plan.

In short, something is pulling us back.

Sound familiar? I yes, then you are like me. If no, then this post is about people like you as well, because this tries to figure out what you people do that we don’t…so if you have a few minutes to spare, read till the end, and hopefully leave a comment… 🙂

I love to write, blog, and would like to be an actor someday. I have tried many times to write a book, at least a series and publish it online. I have wrote a couple of pages and stopped each time. The stories have rotted away in the crevices of my mind. Then I figured maybe I can make a web show, a comic one at that, and gain attention. But that too gave way. Numerous ideas, poised for success, fell down and burned in hell.

But what if, what if, I am the one pulling myself back each time?

We all have emotional baggage we carry with us. We all have fears we hide inside our hearts. Maybe I am scared that to accomplish something, I will have to lose something, the more I gain, the more I have to lose. In short, I am scared of failing. Every day seems a burden imposed on me, because quite frankly, despite being a reasonably good student, born in a loving family, I am not living life on my terms. I am not enjoying life. I am not doing something to make myself proud and happy.

There are people who inspire me in life. Most of them are wrestlers. Supreme among them is Triple H, the Game. I want to be like him, his poise, his attitude, his work ethic, everything. And then there is Shirley Setia. I admit, I am a mark for this girl. It is amazing how she can balance her studies, music, vlogs, covers, live shows, RJing, and now she has got an internship as well. Just want to wish you all the very best for the new chapter in your life,Shirley…

My point is, the moment we start living life on our terms, the moment we forget to fear, the moment we stop thinking about the outcome, and do the things we love with all vigour, life becomes good and happy again.

Lets all try to have a happy life from now on, shall we ??? {Easier said than done, I know…}

[Forgive me for the lack of structure in this post…my exams are nearby, and am a little bit busy, but I just couldn’t hold off…]


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