The Bane of us Capricorns

“The symbol of your Sign is Goat, and like a mountain goat, your desire is to climb higher and higher in every walk of life. This shows great ambition. You are self-confident and like to set lofty goals. You feel satisfied when others respect you for your capabilities. You do not avoid taking risks, but you are not reckless. All your actions are rehearsed before putting them into action. Your relationships with others can be complicated. You can be very selfish, and have a strong urge to acquire power that will raise your status in society. You look to be cool and calm, but below the surface you can be very emotional. You are quite self-motivated, and will manage to find opportunities whenever required. Your powers of concentration are good, but you can be rather unemotional and may have too high an opinion about yourself.”

This is what we Capricorns are, according to the web. We are ambitious, resourceful, dedicated, a tad bit selfish…all of the above mentioned characteristics certainly apply to me.

You forgot one thing. About how we act maturely when we are little and begin to act childishly as we grow up. It’s true, and I am going through it right now. I am twenty one right now, at University, and people here are about as matured as me. But we are going down opposite ways. I was way more mature than all of this, and have toned down considerably over the years. They on the other hand are still to let go of their childish nature.

Now…my question…is this something I should be bothered about?

Maturity is something that is very important according to our culture. Precocious, mature children are considered better and superior compared to others. But if you ask me, all of this maturity comes at a price. The price of childhood. My childhood should have been better. I was concerned about what others would think of me, I was concerned about being perfect, and I forgot to enjoy. And now, I want to enjoy, I want to relax, but my academic schedule, and the society which expects PG students to be mature is strapping me down.

On contrary…

Is maturity something that is too important? Shouldn’t we let our cares float away every now and then?I have friends who are tensed 24/7 and I have seen how their lives are going. And one thing I have realized is that most of the time, our tensions just fade out. We are fighting with shadows, and we cant win that war.

Maturity is being responsible for your actions, it is being in control, and recognizing if there is a problem, and solving it.

Am I mature?


Do I want to be???

Who knows???


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