When the Eyes Don’t See

God has given us humans every gift to enjoy life. But perhaps the most important gift he has bestowed upon us is our eyes. Our ability to see. But it is often said that having eyes does not guarantee vision. And it is often true. There are times in our life when we have eyes but we fail to see.

My situation right now is something similar. I am going to college just a few hours from my home. I can go home at the drop of a dime. I have no issues with my classes, and have no issues in hostel. But still I am feeling down. I feel as if life has dumped a huge pile of crap on me. As much as I try to focus on the fact my life is considerably better than a lot of people, I just can focus on that. My eye is on the lookout for misery in the midst of happiness.

The glass is either half full or half empty depending on our outlook. But in my case my glass is three-quarters full, but I’m fixating on the last remaining quarter. But to be honest, even if that last remaining quarter were filled, I’d still be complaining about an overflowing glass. That is my problem, I want smooth sailing always. I want everything to go the way I want. But even then, I just can’t feel the happiness. Maybe that is because I, like many others, fail to grasp the meaning of life.

Without darkness, there will be no light. Just like that, misery is what makes our happiness more intense. The longer we are away from home, the sweeter the emotion when we return. The harder we fight, the sweeter the victory.

I hope I learn my lesson soon. But even if I don’t, I hope someone reading this does, and knows there are people just like us, going through the same experiences, hardships and revelations as us. 

Because writing is therapy. Not just for the writer, but for those who read as well.



2 thoughts on “When the Eyes Don’t See

  1. This post is so so relatable. It’s as if we always need something to worry about. Even if we’ve got nothing to worry about, we’re worrying about why we’ve got nothing to worry about. I know I’m always upset about something anyway, no matter how amazing my life is. Unfortunately writing is not a passion for me. It’s just something I do. It’s not an escape, but I have recently realised that it does make me feel better. Having my thoughts written down (or typed) helps me to analyse them, to convince myself that none of these worries are even worries. I guess that’s why writing is a therapy in a way. That’s why I’ve decided to keep a diary, and I even started a blog just yesterday.

    • Glad to hear you can relate to it.Slowly all of us have to get over the things that hold us back, to become who we want to be. The catch, according to me, is to do it by being yourself…And writing helps you do that…I guess!!!

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