The Making of a (Rather Unknown) Writer Part 1: Shall We Begin???

[To all my readers, this is part one of a multi-part series about my journey into writing. It is intended to be humorous, while trying to include facts, and…hope you like it…]


What is common between Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Dan Brown, J K Rowling and me?

Don’t pull your hair out, I’ll tell you. We’re all writers.

Okay, maybe that was a little bit stretched, or maybe a little too much. I know even mentioning my name in the same line as the greats is sacrilege, but I’ll risk it. Because every time I put pen to paper (or as the case is nowadays, hand to keyboard…) I can’t help but thinking I am working on the same thing that Shakespeare and the others did. On the English language. Any active language must keep evolving or it is dead. And every time we write, we help evolve the language. Every time we write, we are laying the foundation for a new English. Every time we use a made up word in ” “, we may have invented a word that will go viral sometime in the future.

So my point is, writing is good. Writing is great.

If you know how to.


I began writing when I was a kid of maybe 10-11 years. I had just seen a Harry Potter movie and read a couple of books. Then one day it struck me – Why don’t I write a book? Who knows, maybe it will become a best seller, and I might become famous. The gullible 10 year old in me was too excited. I was going to be a star !!!

But my writing career was riddled with problems. First off was the problem of the story. What do I write about? Me? A 10 year old life doesn’t have much to write about.

Nature? This is a story, not a painting!!

Harry Potter !!! And all of a sudden I had an idea. Admitted, it was not a brand new idea, but I was 10. What did I know??

I created a whole new version of Harry Potter, titled…well I’ll just leave the title out for now. And it wasn’t a copy. Oh no, sir!!!

Harry was a half blood, my hero was a pure blood.

Well, that’s pretty much it…now that I think about it. I can’t check, I’ve lost the copies…

Mine had a Chamber of Secrets too, though it was named differently, we had a Triwizard Tournament as well, though ours had 4 schools, I even brought in the age old tradition of exchange students !!!


My second issue was where to write, and how to publish this.

We didn’t have a computer back then, and so that option was out. I don’t know if blogging was in vogue at that time. But I hadn’t heard of blogs, let alone wordpress at that time. My issue was solved when I found a couple of my old notebooks lying around. And guess what, they had a LOT of unused paper (don’t read anything else into it…). This pretty much killed two birds with one stone. I now had a place to write, and I now had a publisher. ME!!!

After writing I would stick the pages together or tie them together to create a rather crude form of a book. Most of the time it wasn’t that hard, because there were only so many pages. And so here I was, holding my first book in my hand, head held high, waiting for the fame and glory. Still waiting…


I didn’t have much of an audience, and so I had to rely on my family. Thankfully, I have a lot of cousins who love reading, and so I sold my book to them. As it was a pretty short read, I waited for them to finish, watching their faces, waiting for them to gasp or smile when the story so demanded. A couple of minutes later, they burst out laughing.

I was eager for a response, but this was just wrong. I don’t remember writing something this funny…

“What?” I asked.

They just looked at me and laughed. They handed me my book and pointed at a line. It was the part right after the Chamber was opened and students were confined to their dorms.

My parody of Ron was leaving the room, when Gerald, my version of Percy asks him where he was going.

“Come on Gerald, I just want to go to the bathroom”, was his reply.

Is this what they were laughing about? What was in it? I looked at them clueless, when they just rolled over laughing. I was just confused…and then it hit me. “Come On”, had another meaning, one which asks you to accompany. And couple that with the destination, and it was a pretty embarrassing first book…

They wouldn’t let me forget that for along time, and even though I wrote more books, I can only remember this one.

So I’ll leave this biography here for now…


Come On, I just want to….

Never mind.


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