Shirley Setia : A Singing Angel

A couple of months ago, I saw a post on my facebook timeline. It was a post like millions of others that I regularly skim through, barely caring about the contents. This post was about a girl singing. And I went, oh please, how many of these have I seen !!!

But needless to say, I checked the video out (okay, the girl was cute !!!). And then something happened. I was hooked. I subscribed to her channel, followed her page and am now regularly checking for updates and new songs. Because I just can’t get over her. I’m in love with her. And with her voice.

Her name is Shirley Setia. She is an Indian, currently living in Auckland, New Zealand. She sings mostly Hindi songs but has done two beautiful English covers as well (she started out singing Hillary Duff songs…).

I never really listened to songs. I barely cared for Hindi songs. The only songs I listened to were Sun Raha Hai Na Tu and Tum Hi Ho from Aashiqui 2. The first song I listened from her was Har Kisi Ko. I had never listened to the original, and I had no idea how it would sound like. But there was something in her voice that drew me towards the song. Somehow, the words that flowed out from her lips were magically entrancing me. They were drawing me closer to her, closer to the song. I was hooked. Big time. And then later I listened to the original and I was like – this is not how it should be sung !!! For me, Shirley’s version is the real one.

To draw a guy like me, who never listened to songs to the musical world, is nothing sort of amazing. Shirley did that, and because she did that, I can say she works miracles. A university student, working as an RJ at Radio Tarana, singing in a band, and finding time to pursue her dreams. For those of us who find it hard to balance study and leisure, and consequently let our dreams rot in the crevices of our minds, you are an inspiration Shirley.

I know Shirley doesn’t need any publicity, especially from a blog like mine, but this is my humble way of saying thank you, and to say I love you.


Please check out Shirley’s youtube channel and facebook page.






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