Do Nerds get the Girl?


A look back at my stats revealed one very important fact – my most viewed, liked and commented posts were about love and lust. I use the word love for want of a better word, because I don’t think love is what a 20 year old guy feels when he sees hot girls. It’s more often his hormones playing with him than divine love erupting. It’s most of the time an endorphin rush coupled with a dose of dopamine, but who cares? People can downplay this all they want, claiming it to be a chemical reaction, and hence not worthy of intellectual attention but guys are still gonna start sweating bullets and feeling hot under their collar when their crush or just a random hot girl walks by.




My question of the day is : Do Nerds Get the Girl ?


There are certain stereotypes burned into us since day one. Like all high school hotties are cheerleaders and hunks are athletes. A nerd always wears glasses. And all high school stories are about a guy who is a flop at everything – sports, games, studies, looks – but he ends up getting a really hot girl. But a nerd rarely gets the girl. It’s always the guy who sucks at EVERYTHING who gets the girl, not the nerd.


Why am I saying this ? ‘Cause I am a nerd. I am the stereotypical nerd in glasses, who always thinks about studies. And I was sweating bullets and getting burns under my collar today. Honestly.


My biggest crush, and today was exceptionally brutal ’cause she looked hot as hell. And when her hair stars cascading down her face, and her nose gets shiny and she gets a little sweaty, it just about pushes me off the edge. Whew…recalling it was brutal, really brutal.


Because she is a dream. And dreams are just dreams. They never become reality. She is way out of league and way out of town. In my life, in my world, this nerd will never get the girl.




But let’s leave my broken heart out of the equation. My heart has been broken, stabbed, run over, trampled, and set ablaze but it is still here and still working and still doing the same things that hurt it. It will never learn. It will never die.


I will continue falling for her, because she is just so hot. And I can’t resist falling.



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