Adios 2013, Bienvenido 2014

I’m in full Spanish mode, but let me clear the air by saying that the only Spanish words I know are ‘adios’ and ‘gracias’. The rest is all Google. And ‘bienvenido’ apparently means welcome…


Well, well, 2013. How would you rank as a year to remember? Sadly, I have no list of best and most memorable years where I can put you, but if I had, you’d probably be at the very top. Because 2013 was for me an unbelievable year, with lots of unforgettable and classic spots, a lot of trips, a lot of enjoyment, and one unforgettable, humongous crush.

2013 was for me a year of trips and tours. I’ve had 4 trips to holiday destinations and metropolitan cities across India with my family. All of them were a complete blast, and I enjoyed each of them completely. No international tours this year, sadly, in fact, I’ve never gone abroad. Maybe 2014 or one of the years to come will sponsor that !!!

As far as studies go, this year we received two semester results. One of them I got fairly good marks, and the second one, which I received a few days before Christmas, I received the lowest marks in my life, But strangely I was  not sad. I was not dejected. Because I have grown and matured enough to realize one very important lesson, that getting top marks, being the topper and everything don’t matter so much as we are made to believe. The important thing is that you put in all of your effort. The important thing is you do not lay down. You fight. That is all we need to do, and all that we can hope to do. As it is said in School of Life,

“Don’t worry about what you are doing. It doesn’t matter. Worry about who you’re being”

Then there’s the department of Love Affairs which worked remarkably hard in the latter part of the year to get me a girlfriend at last. But needless to say, when your rational brain rules your heart, you rarely get a girlfriend. Add to that a dash of cowardice and “good-boy” image, it is a perfect recipe for being single throughout your teens and twenties. But again, I am mature enough to deal with that. Because I’ve had my heart broken so may times and it is still working, so why fear? And as a dialogue from the Hindi movie Gori tere Pyaar Mein (starring Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor) :

“Kisi aur se pyaar karne se pehele khud se pyaar karna seekho. Long term mein yahin kaam aayega”

Meaning: Before you love someone else, learn to love yourself. This is what matters in the long run.

( I don’t know why, I just felt like I should mention this quote…)

So that’s it. This was my 2013. Heartbreaks and Triumphs (Sorry Shawn…), Partying and Lonely Pondering, Joy and Gloom, it always comes in pairs…but that is the Voyage of Life.


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