Book Review : Inferno by Dan Brown


I know it’s been a long time since Inferno was released, but I just got my hands on a copy of it. And man oh man, was it worth the wait…

I’ve read all of Dan Brown’s novels and loved every single one of them. And I had expectations that this would be equally good, even though some of the reviews that I read were less than satisfactory.

Now, to my review:


Inferno is a  great read which you simply cannot put down. There are however less actual historical facts or conspiracy theories in this one than in Angels and Demons, The DaVinci Code or the Lost Symbol. I would say this is more in the league of Digital Fortess and Deception Point. There’s a great deal of artwork depictions spanning some of the most beautiful cities on the Earth. The focal point, and the recurring theme though is another seminal work of literature with the same name, Dante’s Inferno.


And now, a slight teaser for those who haven’t read it yet…

Robert Langdon has just awoken at a hospital with no recollection of where he is. Or what he has been doing for the past two days. But he is clear of one thing. Someone is trying to kill him. Because of a deadly secret that he possesses. A deadly secret he does not even remember acquiring. Accompanied by a child prodigy who is now a doctor, Sienna Brooks, Langdon must decipher a cryptic clue derived right from Dante’s Inferno itself, to avoid a cataclysmic event. A pulse quickening plot full with characters of inconceivable depth and complexity, this book is sure to be a page turner. As the story unfolds, the boundaries between good and bad, friend and foe dissolve into nothingness and leaves you wondering about who to trust and indeed, who is right…





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