Why Sulk When The World Is Waiting ?

This is going to be a red letter day in my entire life, and this will be a red letter post as far as my blog is concerned. I’ve been thinking, I’ve been pondering on my condition for so long. I am a straight A student, come from a stable, loving family which supports me, in good health (exercise is something I surely lack… but still…) with every luxury that I need. And still the only thing I can think of every passing day is how miserable my life is. I am thinking of the girls I didn’t get, I am thinking of my allergy condition, and a couple of bad habits that I use as a metaphorical crutch. I used to hate my life, when in fact, everything was perfect.

Not now.

Not any more.

All the while I’ve been thinking, and finally it has dawned on me. I don’t have a reason to be sad. I have everything, while there are people around the world who have to work day and night for a full meal. There are people who are blind, or do not have a leg, and yet they do not complain, they took whatever life threw at them and lived life the best they could. When there are people like this in this world, what reason do I have to complain? When I complain, I am just spitting at the Lord, who gave me everything, who has been with me every single step of the way.

Let’s leave the spiritual and moral aspect aside for a moment. Let us consider life from the viewpoint of an ordinary guy. I have bad habits that I use as a crutch when the going gets tough. Yes, that is something I seek to undo. But believing that it cannot be changed, or considering it as an imperfection inherent in all humans is again something I should never do. Something I will not do. It ends today.

Then there’s the eternal issue of a girlfriend. Sure she’s hot and cute, but she doesn’t define me. She doesn’t decide where my life goes. There will be other girls out there, and I will get what I deserve. I will find my Miss Perfect and that will be a happy ending.

There is a huge world just waiting for me to come and explore it. A world of beauty, of greenery, of happiness, and joy, and opportunity and cute girls… A world I will miss if I ponder on what I have lost. A world which God made inch by inch so that it would be perfect in every respect. So that it would provide everything to people who look for it. I am going there.

Every day I am going to LIVE life and not EXIST. That is a promise, a vow I make to my self. I will be the best I can be. I will no longer be a victim, I will be a winner.

My life is waiting…


3 thoughts on “Why Sulk When The World Is Waiting ?

  1. Strong post! Loved it! And honestly I’m really glad that you decided to ‘Live and not exist’ because there are so many people out there who do just that and just realizing that is an achievement in itself, so an applaud to you! And I’m sure you will find every inch of happiness you deserve, in the meanwhile just live and enjoy!

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