Baptism by Fire

A fire’s waiting,

Right up, in sight.

Crackling with spite

Devouring my might.

I see it, still,

Right up ahead.

fear creeps up,

And blinds my head.

Not able to move,

Nor see, nor think.

The fire’s too near,

And I near the brink.

What can I do?

Just run and flee.

Or stand and fight,

It’s up to me.

They shout to leave,

I stay and ponder.

I am ready to fight,

And they watch in wonder.

Run, they say,

For win, you won’t.

Burn up in flames,

If you listen don’t.

I stand and say,

I’m ready for strife.

But run I won’t,

Just not this life.

I may get burned,

I may lose my life.

Not sure of a win,

But that is life.

They said to me,

Why fight, why fight?

Why take a chance,

When there’s always flight?

I look them, and say,

I have no guilt.

That tested by fire,

The sun can’t wilt.

I’d rather be singed

And come out strong.

Than run away,

And turn out all wrong.


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