Who do you listen to in life?

This is a question we hear right from the time we go to middle school, perhaps.

“What do you plan to do with your life?”

 “What do you want to be in life?”

It’s funny because at that age the only thing we are concerned about is when we can go out and play. We don’t think or care about the future, and have no idea about what is in store. And quite frankly, I am still in the dark. Or maybe I just have cartloads of things I want to do, and am doubting myself really bad.

 One thing I’ve always pondered on is what life is all about. What is the ultimate aim of living? Since the question sounds entirely philosophical and borders on religion, I let it slide, because I am not a huge fan of religious philosophy. I rephrased the question.

What is the aim of a career? What factors do you consider when choosing a career?

 I knew the answer when I was a kid, and strangely enough, I lost it’s essence as I grew up. When I was a kid, it was all about what I loved to do. I pretended to be a paleontologist (even though I didn’t know the word back then), and dug up my courtyard looking for dinosaur bones. I proclaimed myself a scientist and burned up all sorts of leaves and stones and paper. And then I began growing up, and losing myself.

As I grew up, I began to hear a multitude of opinions, from elders, friends and the media. I listened to them so much that I drowned out my inner voice. I no longer listened to me, I listened to them.

Somehow it stuck on that a job meant money, and being the kind of guy I am, I decided that I wanted to be a multi-millionaire CEO of some firm. Never for once did I think if I wanted to, or whether it would suit me, I just decided.

When I joined college, the next career option opened in front of me. Software engineer. People all around me are waiting for me to be the next Bill Gates or Steve jobs, but little do they know I don’t have what it takes. I don’t want to.

And now, terribly maddened by this sick and twisted world around me, I have begun, slowly to listen to myself. The same voice I had drowned years ago to pander to the people, and to society. I am now listening to my soul, to me, and not to them. This blog is a product of that relation. I’ve always loved writing since childhood. I used to rip off on Harry Potter and create a new series. I used to publish my own newspaper. I used to be damn good at it. And I snuffed out that talent.

I was a great mimic, a performer, an entertainer. I snuffed out that too, but I am working on regenerating it again.

When I was young, one career choice never sufficed, until I set limits on myself. Now, I have a multitude of choices in front of me, and I plan on living all of them. Professor, writer, actor, comedian, promoter, you name it, I plan on living all of my dreams.


One thing I have learnt is this : Society will always have expectations of you. They will  always want you to be something you are not. I learnt the hard way not to give in. I learnt the hard way that the only people you have to be loyal to, is you and God. Society doesn’t care about you, they only care about themselves.

Stay True. Stay You. Stay Proud.



4 thoughts on “Who do you listen to in life?

  1. The duck is a little intimidated. Very true about inner voices though, never once cared about whether my story was written better or published when I fell in love with English in gr 5 (‘: child oblivion and blind faith in yor work , it’s actually such a virtue I’m jealous.

  2. Lovely post! I know what you mean by the society pressuring you. When I was in grade 9, I had to pick subjects for my IG’s and I knew for sure that I was never going to study science in my entire life, but due to the pressure of my teachers and parents saying that Business and IT were soft subjects, I went ahead and took biology. As expected, I hated biology and in a week I switched to Geography, biggest relief of my life 😛 So, what I’m saying is even though at times you may give in to the pressures of society, in the end, your gut feeling and what you want is what should matter. So go ahead and become a writer or a skydiver or anything that you want. As they say, “The world is your oyster” 😀

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