Staying Positive…


I’ll be completely honest with you guys. I am stressed out most of the time. Every single second there is something in the back of my head, something that makes me nervous. I seriously don’t know when was the last time I actually enjoyed life. Well on second thoughts, that will be January when I went on a trip with my extended family. But every time I come to the blogosphere, or log on to facebook I meet those people. People who are never stressed, people who always remain positive no matter what life throws at them. Every time I visit their blogs or visit their profiles, it leaves me energized. It is as if they radiate a positive energy all around them, they pass on some of that infectious charisma to everyone around them.

And I visit them so often, it has become sort of like an obsession for me. Like a drug addict needing his daily fix, I do it every single day.

But something really, really makes me angry. How is it that they can? I mean, I tried it, I tried to use their positivity to transform myself into someone better, but the fractured chaos reigning around me sends me back to my old self again. When I have a deadline approaching, when I have a talk coming up, I evoke copious amounts of venomous anxiety which strikes me down. Despite all the positivity that I imbibe from these people, I get bogged down again and again. I can’t understand.

I don’t want to be one of those people who bitches and moans about how unfair life has been. I want to be the guy who radiates infectious joy and happiness, who is always happy and pleasant.

But how do I do it??

I’d really appreciate it if someone would help me out here. Not just me, I think a whole lot of people would benefit from this…



3 thoughts on “Staying Positive…

  1. I think first of all you should trying to pressure yourself into staying positive and stop thinking that you can’t stay positive. I read a book called ‘Excuse me, Your life is waiting’, and if there is just one thing I could learn from the book is that one should NEVER EVER EVER say he/she CAN’T. The laws of attraction work opposite for us, we tend to attract what we think, so if we think ‘we can’t’ or if we think ‘we don’t have’, you will attract all the things that you ‘can’t do’ or ‘don’t have’. Instead think I ‘WILL’ be positive or I ‘AM’ positive. By telling yourself that you are positive makes the universe give you back positivity because in your heart YOU have accepted already that you ARE positive.
    And do check out this book, it will change your perspective on life and how to attract positivity 😀

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