I love the new Gmail Interface !!!

Unless you are one of those guys who never check your emails, you’ll probably have noticed that Gmail has changed its interface. And I am loving it !!!

Earlier, all of my emails came in one cluttered inbox, and whenever I logged in, I’d be treated to a capharnaum of mails, most of them Facebook notifications. It was a common sight for important mails to be lost in this mess.

But not anymore.

Gmail has modified its interface to accommodate five different categories of mails, Primary, Promotion, Updates , Forums and Social. So now when I open my inbox, I see only my primary mail. I can browse all of that, and then, if I want to, I can view the other categories. All the Facebook notifications come under the Social tab, and newsletters will be sorted under the Promotions tab. Gmail gives us the freedom to select which type of mail should come under which category, and to further refine the categorization according to our choice. We can also create new categories and sort mails into them.

Some users have come out saying that this new set up is confusing, but according to me, this is a huge improvement, and a definite step in the right direction for Gmail. Thanks!!!



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