A Bad-Ass Cold!!!

I caught a bad-ass cold!!! And it is making me insane…

It all started with a light sneezing in the morning. I thought it was just my allergies, because trust me I’ve had a long history of dust allergy, but by noon, my throat started tingling bad, I had a slight pain now I’ve got a sore throat. I can do with the sore throat, but this nose is driving me crazy. Sometimes when I get into a sneezing fit, it’s like a particularly nasty piece of gossip – there’s no stopping it.

And right now, the light’s out here (our regular set of power cuts, called load shedding), and I am sweating like a pig. It’s so damn hot here, even at night!!! There’s no way I can sleep till the power is back on, which is due in nearly 15 minutes, so I decided I might as well post this…

But despite all this, I am quite happy. I may be mad, but I am happy. Semester has ended, and I’ve only got a couple of extra classes and lab work to complete, so I am pretty relaxed. And if I want to I can bunk these with relative ease. Plus, who knows, maybe by tomorrow, I’ll be back to normal. I’ll just take some medication and just go to sleep. Tomorrow’s another day…and I hope it’ll be sunny…

Keep the faith and let hope bloom guys…


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