Thinking about the future…

In college now, doing a course on Computer Science and Engineering with just over a year to finish, it is high time to start thinking about the future. Maybe the time is long past to start thinking about the future. What do I want to do in life? What do I want to become? And above all, a question most of us tend to ignore, what am I best suited to become?

I absolutely hate it when somebody comes up to me and asks me, “Oh you are a computer science student, right? Can you develop an app that will enable different smart phones to exchange contact lists without any compatibility issues?” Trust me, I’ve got that. And this came from my uncle. Yeah right. Sure. Why not?

The truth is, there are guys in my class who are already doing stuff like this. They spend hours poring over the internet researching new technology, android development, web development and the like, and they actually do make these things. Why? Because they want to. That is how their minds work. When you give them a problem and a solution, the only thing they can think is how to do this better. They are always thinking. How to do this? How to do that? Why can’t I try this? Why not that? They love to do that.

But not me. When you give me an answer, I expect it to be true, and don’t bother thinking about it any further. You need something more, you need innovation out of me, you need to prod me really, really hard. Can I do things they can? Hell yeah. But I don’t want to. Then why should I?

What I am talking about is branding. I am now branded for life. I am a computer science student and people expect me to develop cutting edge software, be able to repair any computer and perform wonders with a computer. And if I can’t, the answer is always, “What sort of a computer science student are you?” I get that a lot. And it is annoying.

What they don’t realize is how I ended up here. Well, it’s not a sad story or anything. I was a top student in school thanks to the study habits instilled in me from my childhood. When it came to choose between biology and computer science, I chose computer science because I had taken a C programming course in my vacation and found it to be easy. Plus, biology did not interest me at all. And so when I came into college, I took the same subject again because it was something I was familiar with. But I do not love it. It is not something I would do if I had spare time. When I have spare time, I read, blog or watch wrestling. So that’s it, if something doesn’t interest me, should I do it? I get good marks in college. I know everything I need to know, but nothing extra.

People tell me I have to learn something extra if I want to go into the software field. But maybe I don’t want to enter the software field. Maybe I want to do something else. It’s hardly necessary that somebody with a computer science degree should enter the software field. Sheamus (Stephen Farrelly) has a degree in Computer Applications from the University of Dublin, but he went ahead and became a wrestler because that’s what he wanted to do.

I am going to be a teacher. I have been teaching ever since I was a kid, and I love to do it. I always coached my cousins, my classmates, I love to take seminars in my class, and people tell me I am good at it. Why? Because I don’t do it because I have to, I do it because I love to. Who knows, maybe I will be a professor and an author. And a blogger. And a wrestling promoter (not a wrestler, I am not a physical specimen…). And a performer. The possibilities are endless, and they are limited only by my own vision. I refuse to be branded.

I am going to blaze a trail and not follow a path.


One thought on “Thinking about the future…

  1. […] Some believed in traversing the tried and tested path, choosing whatever our seniors chose. Well, if everyone did that, we wouldn’t need electives would we? And we could’ve done away with all courses but one. I cannot and will not believe that we have to be one from a predefined set of choices. We are very unique individuals who can be whoever we put our minds to. Maybe I am a dreamer who reads too much into books. This is the theme of every book, every movie made to date, and I may be conditioned to believe it, but I do. You won’t find a computer science student blogging about something detached from computers. But here I am. I refuse to be branded. (Please do refer my post on Personal Branding here). […]

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