The School Tag

So, my good friend Little Miss Mystery has tagged me in for a challenge…actually its not a challenge per se…what it is I do not know… It is called the School Tag, and it is a bit overdue considering the fact that I am 22 and 5 years out of school, but I’ll go anyway. I am just so thankful I am being considered for something like this, Thank You dear!!!


  • Answer all questions
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  1. What was your favourite subject in school?

Chemistry, probably. I was a nerd.

  1. What was your least favourite subject in school?

Maths. I hate maths. Even now I cannot do a proper integration because of how it was taught in school. I straight out hate it.

  1. How many detentions did you get?

Zero. Indian schools do not have detention system.Some teachers give lines, talk to our parents or come up with some other punishments.

  1. Where you a class rebel or a teacher’s pet?

Teacher’s pet. Probably because I was good at everything I did, and was pretty polite and all. I never went out of my way to help the teachers, and made friends out of teachers like some people, but I did okay.

  1. What was your favourite year of school?

Probably 12th. Because it was the last year of school, and I wanted to do (and I did) a big blow-off at the farewell. I ripped off the good-boy mask and performed on stage, which left some teachers with their mouths open. I am sure I impressed some girls as well, but pitted against all my dorkiness, I think it just paled away.

  1. What was your least favourite year of school?

This is tough. Because when you are 5 years out of school you tend to look upon everything fondly. But I’ll go with 4th. Because I had just transferred to a new school, and things were totally different. I hated it. But looking back, I’d say it taught me a lot of life lessons, and made me a better person.

  1. Who was your first friend in school?

I remember in Kindergarten and 1st, I had two friends, a boy and a girl. The girl, I recently met, and we are friends on FB, but the boy, I have no frigging idea.

  1. Your most vivid school memory?

Quite a lot of memories. Probably I’ll go back to my first crush. The rumours swirling around about us ( though nothing ever worked out), I just sort of loved it. I loved going to school during that time.

  1. Who was your favourite teacher in school?

No names dear, this is an anonymous blog. I feel like I have let too much out already.

  1. Who was your least favourite teacher in school?

Again, same thing.

  1. Did you ever skip class?
Nope. Maybe once or twice for family vacations, and with permission. I am a good boy…how I wish I was not!!!
  1. What was the biggest fad you had in school?

WWE. Continues to this day.

  1. Worst teacher joke ever?

Teachers rarely joke in India, trust me. And when they do it is just too horrible to even commit to memory.

So that’s about it. Thank you so much Mystery Girl, for this tag, and I’d like to tag, as always, Inconspicuous Beings.


Want to hear a joke about potassium? K

Want to hear a joke about oxygen? O

The Real Neat Blog Award!!!

Wow, this is awesome!!! Hold on, let me just get a grip…

Okay…I have been nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award by a good friend Little Miss Mystery. It has been an incredibly long time since someone nominated me for an award. Now that I think of it, the last time I was nominated was about two-and-a-half years ago, when I started blogging. Well I am just incredibly thankful to my nominator, and just glad that I am back to blogging full time.


The rules are:

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  • Answer seven questions by the person who nominated you
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1. If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
    Hmmm…a bit hard considering I’ve never thought about it. Okay, a dog. I don’t have an iron clad reason for why I want to be a dog, but I’d love to have a dog to pet. If I can pick a mythical animal, a dragon would be incredibly cool!!!
2. Sweet or savoury?
   I actually had to google what savoury actually meant. I knew it had to do with salty-spicy food, but I wasn’t precisely sure. Savoury, any time. We Indians love spicy food.
3. Who/what is your biggest inspiration in life?
   Triple H, Shawn Michaels, C M Punk. All wrestlers. Considering what they have accomplished despite the odds, and how they manage to deal with incredibly tough schedules and still come out on top…I am just astounded.
4. Why did you begin to blog?
   Well, we have to take a little trip down memory lane for that one. It was just over three years ago. I was in college, and I was frustrated with life. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I had zero coping skills, I was unyielding and really unhappy. Besides, I have a feeling deep inside me that I am really not meant to be ordinary, and that I am meant to be a celebrity. Acting, writing, whatever. And I feel someway, without doing anything, I will be a star overnight. When those aspirations began to crumble down, I felt I needed to do something about it. So I started writing, to become famous. Atleast now some people aound the world know me, by my pseudonym, Bill Gladstone.
   So in conclusion, because I needed to deal with my emotions, and needed a release for things, and to become famous. So far, I’d say I achieved the first two.
5. What is the most life-changing event you’ve encountered?
   Life changing…hmmm…again nothing of interest. Nothing that will make people go “Wow”. But I have to say, we took a trip to Tamil Nadu, way back in 2007-08. Our whole family. I cut a couple of days of school, and this was a first to me. I was a complete nerd back then. I had absolutely no sense of humour back then, was a total teacher’s pet and … absolutely inflexible. But somehow that trip changed me. I actually had fun during that trip. And everyone says I changed after that trip. I became a bit more relaxed, developed a great sense of humour ( I do mimicry and skits for my family on get-togethers), and actually realized that it is okay to have fun.
6. What is your favourite colour and why?
   Red. And I have absolutely no idea. Has been ever since I was a kid.
7. What do you believe in and why?
   I believe in two things. God, and smart work.
   I believe that God has a plan for all of us. He assists us all along the way, along the most important cross roads. And he always gives us what we need (not necessarily what we want). I also believe that everything will work out in the end.
   Note I didn’t say hard work. I said smart work. I do not spend hours and hours toiling over studies, or spend an elaborate amount of time doing projects. I develop an idea of what to accomplish, and then the few hours I actually spend executing the idea, I do it with full force. That’s about it.
Now I’d like to nominate a couple of blogs I have been following…
I don’t know it I can back-nominate…since I want to nominate Little Miss Mystery back!!!
Now my questions:
  1. If you could be anyone in this whole world, who would you choose to be??
  2. Do you have a habit you are just annoyed with, but can’t stop???
  3. Why did you start blogging??
  4. Favourite book??
  5. What is your view on growing up?? What does it mean??
  6. FRIENDS or Big Bang Theory??
  7. Favourite Harry Potter character and why????

Questions for you- who are you?

I found this post over at a blog Dear Diary, and I thought it might be fun to to answer the questions given…(seeing as I wont be getting any questions for my Q&A… :-( )

1. What do you want to do with your life and who do you want to be?
       Well this is something I have been pondering for a long time, and still haven’t got an answer to. I started my college as a computer science student because I thought I could do well as a software engineer, till the thoughts of long hours and deadlines turned me off. I then thought I would be a professor, but knowing that what professors are asked to do now is do research, not teach, I am overlooking that as well. So, all in all, I have no idea. Which is why I have no long term plans. I only keep short term plans. I rarely look more than 1-2 months in advance, I simply don’t. However, I have a fantasy, which constantly repeats in my dreams, and daydreams where I am a professor+actor+celebrity+WWE promoter+author. Well, dreams are the only place where we have no limitations, so why bother with reality when dreaming!!!
“For in dreams, we enter a world that is entirely our own. Let him swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud.”
                                                                                                                                      -Albus Dumbledore
2. If you were to ask an unanswerable question to the universe, what would it be?
        Simple, “what is the ultimate aim of life?”
I feel if this question is answered, the world would truly be a better place. The reason every one of us runs behind different things, the reason there are different religions professing different things, and all of us fail to prioritize our lives, is because we don not know what our aim is. Unless we know the destination, we cannot select our route.
3. What and who has shaped you to be who you are?
         The list would not be too exhaustive.Obviously my parents who inculcated in me a strong sense of right and wrong, and who taught me to stick to what was right, no matter what the world was doing ( and to bend the rules a little bit in some situations…). Plus the work ethic that I learned from them. The fact that they don’t stop doing what they have to even if no one else is doing it.
         Then it would be the countless WWE superstars who entertain us on a daily basis. Anybody who has ever laced up a pair of boots and set foot in a wrestling ring. People like Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Chris Jericho, Stone Cold, THe Rock, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk…the list goes on and on. From the bottom of my heart, if it hadn’t been for the work ethic, the sense of courage, conviction, right and wrong that these men instilled in me, I would not be here today.
4. What are your favourite quotes and where did you get them from?
         Quite a few…nearly every single quote from Harry Potter.
   “it is our choices … that show us who we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – Albus Dumbledore
   “It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live” -Dumbledore again.
   “Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” – Albus Dumbledore
   “To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.” – Albus Dumbledore
Then a couple of quotes from WWE…
   “Life ain’t perfect, and neither am I” -Stone Cold Steve Austin
   Basically every aspect of Shawn Michaels’ life is a quote. How he went from being one of the top guys in the business, to losing everything because of injuries and his addiction to drugs and alcohol. About how he found God and was born again. About how he cleaned up his act, did a complete 180 flip, and returned from a career-ending injury and wrestled for 8 more years, and how he, in the eyes of many (including me), became the greatest wrestler of all time. But quite more than all that, how he became a great husband, father, and human being.
5. Describe yourself in however many words you want
         I really hate doing this. I was a nerd for years and years. And when the hormones hit, I began breaking out of my shell, only to realize I hadn’t got the skills to make it in the world. Absolutely non-athletic, in bad shape. Very very introverted, especially when it comes to girls. No girlfriend, never had, and highly disappointed with that. Confused with life, had a bout of addiction, and trying to clean up his act. Believes in God with all of his heart, and thanks Him for Saving him. Wants to be successful, famous, rich and happy, but has no idea how. Huge WWE fan, mark, smark, everything.

Hello…I’m Waiting !!!

Okay, my blog is not the most popular blog in the world. I don’t write about things that matter, I don’t write about issues that shape the world. I blog about things that form in the dark corners of a troubled young man’s mind. Hopefully, that young man is making an active effort to clean up his act. And as he is realizing, it is not an easy task. To abandon a dark secretive habit, which is silently becoming an addiction, to overcome the overpowering feeling of helplessness and negativity, to go through life effortlessly and have the courage to live his dream, it is all just too hard to do. But hard does not mean impossible. he is well on his way. One step at a time.

But hey, I see people stopping by my site, I see a decent number of views per day, but absolutely no comment !! Why is this happening??I realize you have the right to comment or not, its your call, but hey, give this guy a chance!!!

I was planning to do a Q&A for my next post, but it has been delayed a bit more…So please i you feel like you have got something to take away from this blog, do ping me with question…either here or on twitter..@BillGladstone14


Whatsapp…just give me the Call already…!!

This is the thing the world is talking about. Everyone. From the newbies, to the experts and the uninitiated. The most popular free messaging app just got more popular. Whatsapp has introduced voice calling facility for android users. I am no expert in this, because, I am one of the unlucky ones, who have not got the feature yet. But for the past few days, this feature has rented a massive space in my head.

How does it work??

Simple. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). In simple terms, instead of using your cellphone network provider to carry your voice across, this system uses your internet provider. It may be the same as your network provider(if you are using mobile data), or it can be a high speed wifi. The advantage? Simple. Data charges are much much lower than call charges. If you happen to have wifi, you are indeed blessed.

How do I get it??

This is the tricky part. We’ll go over the thing stepwise…

1. Update whatsapp. You will need atleast version 2.11.561. The latest version which recently became available on is 2.12.7. Download the APK and install it.

2. Once you have got your whatsapp version correct, now you need an invite. Someone who already has whatsapp call activated has to give you a call. This serves as the invite. As far as I am aware, a missed call will not work. When you get the call, accept it and keep the call for a couple of seconds. (Remember, both of you must have internet at the time, either wifi or mobile data)

3. Hang up. Close and restart whatsapp (preferably go to application manager, and force stop whatsapp, and restart our phone). If all goes well, you should see whatsapp has changed into a 3-tabbed view-calls,chats and contacts.

The Catch…

Then what’s the damn catch? Aha…many people have been complaining that they have not been given the facility despite receiving the call and having the latest whatsapp version. The way I see it, this seems to be a problem with the android version. I am not sure, but from what I have seen you need at least Android version 4.4(Kitkat) to get whatsapp calling. Also I don’t know if everyone with kitkat has got this facility or not.

This is because, whatsapp call is still in the beta testing phase. Whatsapp has released no official notification regarding the call feature. If you can’t get it, wait for some time. Let whatsapp release it officially.

Voice Quality:

I have heard people complain that both parties in the call need to have a good net connection for the call to be perfect. If one party has a slow connection or 2G data, the voice seems to lag apparently. I have received calls through this feature, and the quality was perfectly fine (both of us had good wifi connection). Again, this is still in its infancny, and knowing whatsapp, they will dish out something good eventually.

So that’s all, if you have any doubts, do mention in the comments…I will try my best to clear them…

Why ‘ratedrlife’ ?

Well, now that I am back to blogging again, I thought I’d tell you guys why the URL of my blog is what it is. I don’t know how many of you noticed, but my URL says ratedrlife. But why, honestly? I started bloggin about 3 years ago around this same time (yippeee!! Happy Anniversary!!!), but I never really told you about this, so here goes…

1. First of all, at least some of you may know that I am a HUGE WWE fan. If you are a wrestling fan, the origin of this phrase must have been obvious to you. If it has not dawned on you, its a tribute to the WWE Hall of Famer Edge (Adam Copeland), who went by the moniker ‘The Rated R Superstar’.

2. But seriously, was Edge the only reason I named this blog like this? Nah, no way!! You know, at that time, I was 19. I was staying away from home for the first time, I had just crossed the threshold which separates kids from adults, and I was a bit unstable (I still am, but I was way more unstable back then…), and this blog was part of my rebellion. At the age when most of your brain is controlled by emotions like lust, sex, anger, and what not, this blog was part of my release. Where I come from, sex is taboo. You don’t do it. And when you have a massive flux of hormones and there’s no way you can have a girlfriend or have sex, you feel ready to burst. I needed a rated R life, but couldn’t. So I decided, if the real me can’t have such a life, let my alter ego be Rated R ( now that I said it, it feels kind of lame, doesn’t it)

3. Third and final reason, this was the only place where I could openly talk about such issues. Here you don’t talk about sex openly. Besides, I am a rather shy individual who prefers to stay in the shadows. So it was even more difficult for me. I needed to express my feelings and thoughts, and this felt like the way to do it..

Thanks for reading !!!

PS: For my next post, I was thinking of doing a Q&A. I don’t know how many of you will ask me questions, but really hope you do…SO anything you want to know…please ask me!!!

To Be or Not To Be…

Again, I know this is a cliché line, but I have been gone for another couple of months with absolutely no blogging whatsoever. During the past one or two months on many an occasion, I took out my laptop, and began typing something about my life. But in the next couple of minutes, I would inevitably erase the whole thing. I just didn’t know what I wanted to write, and I didn’t want to write for the sake of writing.

To be honest, the last couple of months have been tough, made tougher by my ego, my incredibly bad coping skills and possibly a bad bout of OCD-GAD and just about any psychological disorder that you can google up. Life moved up a notch, but unfortunately, I didn’t.

I am doing my master’s degree right now, and in just over a year, I’ll be done with that as well. But I am still the child that I have always been. I just cannot bring myself to understand that when the pace quickens, you have to move faster. I still want to curl up in bed by 11 every night, and sleep till around 7 in the morning. Rush off to my morning classes at 8 and then be back by noon to have my lunch. A quick nap, and then rush off to my hour or two of afternoon classes and then back to my hostel room. Once back, I immerse myself in watching videos on youtube, clips of the Big Bang Theory and checking Facebook every hour. I literally never get any work done. Except on the last day. I always get my work done on time, but the day before the submission is usually the day I nearly blow by top.

I am at a crossroads now, and I want to go the right way. I want to achieve all of my dreams, being a world renown professor, acting in a couple of movies, and at least for one day, be a guest host on WWE RAW. But I am just too lazy to get up and start working. I think that if I start working, I can no longer have fun. But isn’t the basic idea of a happy life, that you do all your work, and still manage to have fun?

That idea, is just a little too difficult for me to comprehend.

Now, as I sit here typing relentlessly on my computer, the words just seem to flow, an exhilaration that I haven’t felt in a long time. Due to my unholy tendency to get consumed in self-pity and “being the victim” attitude and my idiotic methods of coping, these creative juices were almost non-existent for a long time. But strangely, just hours after I drowned myself in another pool of self-pity, my mind seems to be clear. The words are flowing out of me, as if I have been reborn. As if my sins have been cleansed, and I now have a second chance to live. To LIVE, NOT EXIST.

I don’t know how long this will last, because I have had epiphanies and resurrections before, and none of them lasted. But I hope this does. I just know that I will do everything in my power to make sure it does.